Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bailey's first quilt!!!

I'd like to share with you this little patchwork quilt I made for Hailey, who's almost 6 months now. Doesn't time fly???? It's made from a Moda 'jelly roll' (strips of ready cut two and a half inch fabric - 40 strips to a roll) after machining strips together (pic 1) I pressed the seams and sewed them into a tube.(pic 2) I then cut two and a half inch strips cross ways (pic 3)and unpicked a seam on each tubular strip ( moving the pattern on one each time ) and arranged them as shown in pic 4. I spray basted it onto wadding and backing fabric, saves time, no pins! Lastly, I machine quilted it and added the binding.
I think Bailey is quite pleased with the result! Thankyou for visiting my blog
Hugs Joy xxx








mommabear said...

Joy the quilt is fabI love the beautiful colours you have used and Bailey is adorable

hugs Alison

Joy said...

Thankyou for your lovely comments Alison. Good luck with your new website xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Joy. Do you think Bailey would part with it! lol!
Regards Florence xx

Shairon said...

Amazing quilt, Joy. I love the cool colours and the choice of patterns. Bailey looks well pleased with it too! xx

jackiescrafts said...

Joy this is wonderful I love the colours and the pattern you have made with the squares and Bailey looks very happy with it too.

Jackie x

Joy said...

Thankyou ladies for your lovely comments. Don't think Bailey would part with it Florence, he can be a little possessive lol! xx

sam21ski said...

Bailey looks like he's definitely claimed it for his!!

Lovely combo of blue shades.

Bailey is just gorgeous too Joy.

Sam xxx