Wednesday, 23 March 2011


as promised here are the photos of the day old piglets taken a couple of weeks ago. I have had computer problems and couldn't upload them to blogger till now. Originally there were eight but unfortunately one was too weak to survive. I'm pleased to say the rest are thriving. The breed is Gloucester old spot.

The two little lambs are also doing well and were about two weeks old when the photos were taken.
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crafty creations said...

Oh how sweet are they Joy !!!!!!!!!!

Shairon said...

Love the little piggies Joy! Hope they live to a ripe old age! Lovely little lambs too. Who said "mint sauce"? I'll kill them (not the lambs lol!)I would never have made a farmer's wife. xx

CraftyC said...

Aww, how cute are these Joy. Thats what I love about spring!!

sam21ski said...

Well spring must be one hte way - how cute xxxx

Von said...

aren't they they just so cute:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! How cute are they! The lambs are gorgeous to.
Regards Florence.

IsaNorris said...

OMG they are sooooo cute. Must call my DD for her to see those piglets... ♥