Monday, 30 June 2008

TAGGED ( again!)

I have been tagged by my friend Ann - thanks mate

1. What was happening 10yrs ago? - I was working as a cook in a care home and was chairman of a local patchwork and quilting group ( another addictive hobby)

2. Name 5 things to do today - Set a trap for a ferral kitten for the Cats Protection league). Go shopping at Tescos. Adhere my SU rubber stamps to wooden blocks. Start re-organising craftroom. Watch Federer and Hewitt play at Wimbledon this aftrnoon

3. Snacks I enjoy - cheese & crackers - KitKats ( though I try not too )

4. Things I'd do if I were a Millionaire
- Pay off my DDs mortgage and help my son get on the property ladder. Regularly visit a healthspa. Visit Graceland. Give to Mc Millan nurses and RSPCC. Have an expert come and sort out my craftroom storage!

5, Places I have lived - Plymouth, Oxford, Exeter, Lanner/Redruth

Now I must choose 5 peeps to tag - Apologies to....... Dan99, Hels, Lydia, Darlene Louise.

1 comment:

Hels said...

Oh! Tagged again....yipppeeeee!!! LOL Thanks for picking me hun, I will have to sit and think hard about my answers!!! LOL xx