Friday, 30 May 2008


The Sunday Stampers challenge set by Hels this week is Sisters, and this card is dedicated to all my blogging sisters. I chose my girls images and 'Hey Sis' from De Creatie, I stamped and embossed them with with Adirondack espresso ep and cut them out and stuck them down with silicone glue. Backing papers are from My minds Eye. I added a few litle embelishments and used stickles for the earings on girl on
Right. Thanks for looking xx


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is totally awesome.
Fabulous card.

Angelnorth said...

Love the little star in the girl on the left's hair! Very stylish-looking card!

Anonymous said...

A fab piece of work Joy! :D


Andrea said...

what a great card Joy x

Angie C said...

Great card Joy

CraftyC said...

Hiya Joy,
A fab card, love th

Lesley said...

Fab card Joy xxx

Mee said...

Very trendy :o)

Supermum said...

Oooo what a lovely 'hip' card. Great images.
Sue. x

Tracy said...

love this card its got so much attitude and is very stylish great work

Marcie said...

Great card. Those ladies are stylin'

craftyscot said...

fab, love the stamp

traciejane said...

Hi Joy, this is fabulous and thanks for dedicating it to us SBS 17 girlies, I love the stamp - stunning work :)x

** Shaz ** said...

Fabulous card Joy xx

Cathy said...

Fantastic card - I love the images.
Cathy xx

Hels said...

Fab card Joy, thanks for joinin in x

Becky said...

Fab card Joy! I love these stamps so much! Thanks for dedicating it to us!
Love Becky xx

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